DISCLAIMER: Do not believe anything that I say!  Test everything that you read below against all verses in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) and the Brit Chadashah (NT).  Pray for the truth and to be led by the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaChodesh)!  I am not your pastor, preacher, teacher, rabbi, or anything else.  I am just a guy who has an opinion.



In the following few articles, I wanted to walk through my and my wife’s walk through this new understanding in HIS truth.  These articles are our experiences and they may not be yours.  That is OK.  If these can help you, all the greater.


There comes a time in our walk where we realize that there is much more to the Bible than we have been taught.  When we come to this understanding, we typically find ourselves on something like a rudderless ship with no compass.  We start asking ourselves questions like:


How do we do this?

What if I do something wrong?

Where do I start?

Is it OK if….?


I would first start by saying, take a deep breath.  I know the excitement when you start realizing the truth.  It makes you want to jump head first into everything about HIM.  That is a great attitude, and I would say the right one.  It can be a little overwhelming at first.


If you have walked out your Christian life and spent a lot of time in church, you probably have never read the WHOLE bible.  I mean from Genesis to Revelation.  If you have, it most likely wasn’t very deep and you went through it without much thought, just like I used to do.  This is one thing that you will need to start doing.  There are no centralized leaders or denominations that can direct you.  You will need to be reading and being led by the Holy Spirit.  This is what has guided you to this point, whether you know it or not.  No man brought you here.  You were willing and GOD (YHVH) drew you to him, because you were willing.


John 6:44  “No one can come to Me unless the Father who sent Me draws him; and I will raise him up on the last day.


There will be a lot of things to wade through.  I can only hope to offer up my opinions on the subject to possibly help you wade through a lot of the noise and get right to what is important.  During this walk, you will no doubt run across many things people will tell you that you need to do as part of walking out Torah.  Things like:


You must say GOD’s name like this: XXXXX

You can’t do XXXXX on the Sabbath

You have to use XXXXX calendar


I am going to say right away that you need to ignore people who promote these kinds of ideas.  I will explain why as we go through each of these blogs posts.  They are not your leaders or teachers.  As Jesus (Yeshua) said, call no man rabbi (great teacher).  Those people may be led to do that, but your walk is probably different.


For now, I would say that you need to determine your own walk and be led by only one thing:  The Holy Spirit or, in the Hebrew, the Ruach HaChodesh.


Here is a breakdown of what my family  and I did as we came to this new understanding.  I will walk through it in parts.  I hope that it can help you.


Part 1 – Pray

Part 2 – Seek the Ruach

Part 3 – Study the Word…Often

Part 4 – Where Do I start?

Part 5 – How do we do this – Sabbath

Part 6 – How do we do this – Food

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