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An Unfiltered Look at Salvation


[dt_code_final] [/dt_code_final]I want to introduce myself by saying I have no formal education in theology or biblical studies. However, I think that this gives me an advantage. I believe in personally studying the Bible, and I know that God can teach us directly through His Holy Spirit if we have the desire to know Him personally and set aside time for study and prayer. This is the premise on which I wrote this little book, not as someone who has been formally trained to interpret the Bible in light of a specific church doctrine or dogma or ideology. My hope is to encourage independent thinking about who God is and what He has to say, encouraging people to read the Bible for themselves rather than relying on the opinion of others about what the Bible says. Often, we read and study only the scriptures that religious or academic authorities say are relevant, often prioritizing the New Testament over the Old. We may never quite get around to understanding the Bible’s unified message spoken through different voices and times. We miss the big picture, the whole historical landscape of hope and His amazing love for us, and the message that He is trying to speak into our hearts.